• With a Splash of Colour...

    With the latest in digital and offset technology at your fingertips, why go anywhere else?

    With over 17 years experience in printing, we feel this is key to keep your projects looking amazing, current and leave that lasting impression you need with your client.

    We bring your vision to life with our technology and expertise.

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  • Manduck Media has vision.

    When it comes to vision and ideas and top notch services, Manduck Media is the company you want to deal with.

    Working with our clients every step of the way and making sure we are on time and budget every time is key to our success.

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  • Video Plus Print.

    Every Video Plus Print product is designed and finished in our Canadian or China factory. Video postcards, video brochures, video books, video cards and video specialty products are made “just in time” and On-demand once an order is processed.

    We welcome custom Video Plus Print projects as this is the strength of our product. Customization is key to any marketing campagin.

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Vibarant Colour, Quality, Service is what you are getting.
Ideas out of this world, get in touch today..

Original People

We have the most diverse team of people from all parts of the industry.

Such as creative, estimating, pre-flight, short run digital, sheet & web printing, larger format printing, full bindery, speciallity bindery & packaging.

Smart People

With over 15 years in the Print and Direct Mail industry, we have a good handle on what is required from concept to completion.

Coming up with leading edge creative ideas, and keeping these ideas within a budget is key to our customer's success.

Quick & Responsive

Its simple, it's about customer services period! We have answers for you 24/7/365 because we care.

Give us a try and you will feel the difference with Manduck Media.

Video Plus Print Solutions.

"Video Plus Print" is a book that is comprised of text, photos and video merged to deliver a multi-sensory presentation for many different industries.

Everything you see can be customized, including content, images and video.

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Do you need help with your next DM or print project? .

If it is small or large print project, a DM campaign or looking for swag items, Manduck Media has your back with years of experience behind you.

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"Amazing Service, on time and budget". Marketing Dept..
"Turned our project around faster then anyone else"... Director of Marketing.
"Cheapest is not always the best and fastest, but in this case I got both." I am very happy with Manduck Media's team... VP Marketing